Booking an Appointment 

Currently, I am accepting applications for role play scenes Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday by appointment. These are also the times I am available for a phonecall (email me other days of the week). I  do accept bribes for Sunday brunch followed by the role play of "using you in the dungeon."
I am selective with the people I play with so please read through my website and if you are serious about making an appointment, send me an email through the form below, showing me that you are open-minded and sincere. EMAIL PREFERRED. Please include your name, 3-5 types of play that interest you AND location (i.e. NYC or Miami), day, time and length of session. 

A day's notice (or more) ensures that I can best prepare for our time together. Whether we play with a day's notice or two hours' notice, I absolutely require a deposit by Paypal, Amazon Gift Card or Venmo to confirm a booking. 

I do not offer any sexual service. I am not an escort. You will not be permitted on my premises if you have been drinking or doing drugs.