"Catharsis Artist" 

As an artist, alpha femme and natural-born "educator," I am gifted at creating the feeling of erotic embarrassment, guilt, or shame as your means of catharsis in a corporal punishment scene. I understand, afterwards, the importance of being held or forgiven. What I am really saying though is that the script we write and I direct is unique to you and your desires. 

Spankos looking to fly into sub space from a slow buildup of endorphins are always welcome in my studio. People tell me I have the perfect lap for OTK.  I like to start by warming you up over my knee, even tying your wrist to my ankle so you feel the excitement of restraint. Once your ass is red like a tomato, you will be ready and eager for me to go from the warm-up to a hairbrush or even paddle. Putting you on your knees on my spanking bench or on the edge of my bondage bed with your legs over your head, I will build up the intensity according to your breathing so when I am finally, after 30 or 40 minutes, ready to spank you as hard as I can, you will cry out in ecstasy because your body has been prepared for the divine intensity I have to dish out. You moan for release while I get high on the pleasure of taking control. 

For those folks looking for a classic punishment with no warm-up, I have a full armory of canes, paddles, floggers and whips in my dungeon. CBT devices like weights and parachutes, nipple clamps, pins, needles, rubber and leather straps, steel-toe boots, coconut & jute & hemp rope - I am fully equipped for diverse sadistic punishment scenes. I even have a rubber cane, signal tail and leather loop as well as a branding tool that attaches to my violet wand. 


I have been doing canings now for 3 years and even performed an extreme caning scene in front of 40 people at Studio P Fka The Library in a performance where two subs were pitted against each other to see who could take the most pain (December 2015). Like any toy, canes can be sensual or sadistic - I have made female subs come multiple times tapping their ass with my cane, but also have brought grown men to their knees with just bamboo and rattan.