Beg ME,

Worship ME

Some of my other interests include foot fetish, psychological play, gender transformation, and degradation. Generally I enjoy combining these types of play with my other interests in bondage, toys and erotic punishment. I consider myself an Ivy League fetish queen. If there are types of play you do not see listed here, please email me about your fantasy. 

Orgasm control and CFNM are fundamental to my art as a FemDom. Expect to ask permission to touch yourself when in my presence. Expect to beg to suck on my toes. Worshipping my feet, even kissing my ass, is a reward that gets earned through obedience to my playfully sadistic command.

Whether you are licking chocolate sauce from my ankles, serving me a glass of champagne on your knees with a leather collar around your neck, or even if your nose is buried in between my ass cheeks, expect to shuck the constraining facade of normalcy and delve, with me, into the delicious world of pure, unbridled kink.