Leather Scenes/Impact Play

I distinguish scenes where I administer pain as punishment from "leather" scenes where pain is a form of pleasure (sadomasochism) or an expression of submission (a tool of power exchange). 

Leather scenes can be more "wicked" than punishing. Tying you up in my rope and flogging you is a form of you surrendering control. I want to tie your hands above your head and circle you before I go in for the kill, even teasing your nipples until your cock is hard or your pussy is dripping wet before I bring out any clamps or whips. I want to order you to bend over my bondage bed and spread your legs, tying your hands behind your back. You won't even know what will happen to you next. 


Putting you through ordeals of pain and pleasure starts to bring me some satisfaction. I also crave the responsibility of safely taking you on a journey through your mind, heart and body - you are transformed, but not permanently harmed in any way. "I travel to places in the cosmos with you I had never been before," one of my subs said to me after a leather scene. 


Once you have suffered for me as much as I like, I do reward you by allowing you to worship my feet or strap-on. Maybe I will offer you a "panty cocktail" or lightly spank your pussy until you beg to come. At the end of the day, I am as much of a wolverine for perverse pleasure as you are a pleasure pig.